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Waxing & Sugaring Treatments Denver

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Allure Skincare & Lash of Denver offers the best body waxing and sugaring treatments in Denver.  Our professional estheticians always provide high-quality waxing services, so you can feel confident in your own skin! There are many benefits of waxing compared to shaving. After a waxing treatment, the hair takes longer to grow back; the area stays softer and smoother longer; there is no itching or stubble feeling as the hairs are growing back;  and waxed hair becomes finer and sparser over time!  Allure offers a variety of waxing services for all areas of the body for both men and women.  We also offer facials, microdermabrasions, and sell the skincare products you need to keep your skin looking its best!  Contact our office today to schedule a waxing service!

Allure Skincare & Lash Waxing  & Sugaring Treatments Denver

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Female Bikini Extended Waxing

20 minutes $35.00 Wax/Sugar at the bikini line.

Female Brazilian Waxing

45 minutes $55.00 Wax/Sugar from front to back with the landing strip.

Male Brazilian Waxing

50 minutes $60.00 Wax/Sugar from front to back with the landing strip.

 Female French Waxing

45 minutes $35.00 Bikini in front, waxed/sugared clean to the back.

Face Waxing

15 minutes $15.00 Includes lip, chin, cheeks and front of the neck.

Brow Waxing

15 minutes $15.00 We artfully shape the brow to your specifications.

Male Back Waxing

50 minutes $55.00 Back waxing/sugaring from the base of the neck to top of the buttocks.

Neck Waxing

15 minutes $15.00 The back and sides of the neck

Underarm Waxing

15 minutes $15.00


Forearm Waxing

30 minutes $25.00

Full Arm Waxing

30 minutes $40.00

Full Leg Waxing

30 minutes $50.00

Full Leg With Bikini Waxing

50 minutes $55.00

Half Leg With Bikini Waxing

40 minutes $40.00

Half Leg Waxing

30 minutes $35.00

Lip Waxing

15 minutes $8.00

Buttocks Waxing

20 minutes $20

Chest Waxing

30 minutes $40.00

Chest With Stomach Waxing

50 minutes $50.00

Chin Waxing

15 minutes $8.00

Ear Waxing

15 minutes $7.00

Nose Waxing

15 minutes $8.00

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